Grabit: one of my favorite Usenet clients

GrabIt is an application that allows you to download all types of files from Usenet without any of the problems typical of traditional downloads. There are so many reasons why you should download this software if you rely on Usenet for any types of online files ranging from software, movies, eBooks, documents, music, etc.
GrabIt ensures that all downloaded files are usable without any problems. It’s typical to realize that downloaded files have been corrupted and unusable but this application prevents this problem, thanks to its ability to repair and extract downloaded binaries.
GrabIt also gives you the chance to glance through and actually search newsgroups on Usenet without bothering to download any headers. This makes it easier and quicker to download files from the file sharing site while avoiding gigabytes of headers.
GrabIt also comes with a simplified user interface with a short learning curve meaning newbies are able to use it without many problems.

Joyful moments in Usenet land

The other day a read an interesting article about NSE, Europe's largest Usenet provider. Finally a logical court verdict. As TorrentFreak reports:

The defunct, once one of the leading Usenet providers with many prominent resellers, has scored a court victory against Dutch anti-piracy group BREIN. The appeals court overturned a previous verdict and ruled that the Usenet provider doesn't have to monitor and filter pirated content.

The idiotic anti-piracy groups like BREIN are destroying legitimate businesses and halting technological progress. This is the kind of scum you would shit all over and let them drown in it.

“We are very pleased with this ruling,” NSE CEO Patrick Schreurs says. “The Court correctly states that a Usenet provider such as News-Service Europe can not be expected to proactively monitor the messages others place.

Just as the NSE CEO said, a Usenet service provider is not a policeman, just like the internet it's an open medium where everyone can share whatever they like.

How to keep your online privacy out of NSA

National Security Agency’s (NSA) monitoring program called PRISM has had a lot of media attention lately. More people are waking up to the fact that our privacy rights are increasingly being violated under the pretext of fighting terrorism, when in reality the fight is about privacy and control.

VPN Solutions
In case you want to protect your online privacy, definitely among the best measures you can take is to consider signing up for the best VPN service. Virtual Private Network acts as an encrypted tunnel that links you to the host you want to create a connection with. Even though you may experience specific glitches when linked by means of VPN, the level of file encryption it offers is truly commendable, and ensures that the online telecommunications remain personal.

Refuse the use of mainstream sites
Standard search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing should be avoided or used smartly. You will discover plenty of choices to those widely used search engines like yahoo and e-postal mail providers that truly offer far better privacy. For instance, a properly-enjoyed internet search engine referred to as the DuckDuckGo might be used from now on to undertake queries online and you will discover several e-postal mail providers that you might prefer. Options such as these don't keep logs about the sites you access and view online and offer you far better personal privacy as well.

As an extra step, it is possible to restrict your discussions and relationships online and also on social media websites like Facebook or twitter. Even though you can't completely stay away from making use of them, restricting them can produce far better personal privacy and security online. Along this, consider making use of web browsers like Firefox and Opera instead of Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer.

Mobile phones and Apps
Smartphones and apps constantly collect and enormous amount of information. In the pretext of offering far better and personalized solutions, mobile phones and apps collect information like location, e-postal mail along with other person specifics. Moreover, we've our email messages, social media profiles and contacts synced utilizing the phone as well as the cloud that provides for the probabilities of our own information getting shared with NSA. Restrict making use of them.

Even though the above discussed measures can't completely guarantee 100% privacy, they can definitely help you to stay safe and secure in this particular NSA supervised world. Just do what you can.